Robert Ramsey, Director of Business Development

Robert RamseyRobert Ramsey was born and raised on the south side of Indianapolis. After graduating from IVY Tech in 1989 with a degree in Digital Electronics, he started working for the Telecommunication division of Rockwell International. He engineered, installed, and commissioned Fiber Optic and mux equipment in Central Offices around the Midwest. In the six years he spent there, he developed a well rounded understanding of  installation standards, engineering specifications, and technical aspects of Fiber Optic telecommunications equipment.

In 1995 he went to Teleport Communications Group as the first Operations employee in  Indianapolis.  He was responsible for deploying and maintaining the network infrastructure. Rob helped fine tune the business models that  were used to prove in the capital costs for .lighting. customer buildings. He worked his way up to Director of Operations by 1998, when Teleport was purchased by AT&T. He was responsible for overall Operations, which included a Class 5 switch, Equipment installation and maintenance, and Outside  Plant construction.  Among his customers  were Federal, State, and Local Government, Carriers, and Enterprise Customers large and small. He worked with Sales, Engineering, and the Customers from the beginning of the sales process through  to service acceptance to make sure their needs were met.  Prior to his departure from AT&T, he had responsibility for Local Network Operations across Indiana and Ohio.

In March of 2004, Rob went to work for Indiana Fiber Network as its third employee, again starting Operations from the ground up. He was responsible for the deployment and maintenance of this 1700 mile network. Rob is constantly interfacing with the owners and customers to deploy Broadband services to them as quickly and cost effectively as possible. He is involved in contract negotiations, vendor management, Interconnect Agreements, and assisting Sales in large, complex deals.

He brings 20 + years of experience building High Speed networks for the RBOCs, CLECs, and now pushing that bandwidth to the Rural Communities of Indiana. Rob still resides on the south side of Indianapolis with his wife of 20 years and two children.