IFN maintains point of presences (PoPs) for carrier interconnection (NNI) at the following locations:

Chicago Data Center – Cermak

  • 350 East Cermak Road 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60616, (5th flr Equinix IFN cage/2nd flr Equinix MMR).

Lifeline Data Center - Henry Street

  • 733 W Henry Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225, (basement panel/1st flr MMR/2nd flr IFN cage).

Lifeline Data Center - Eastgate

  • 401 N Shadeland Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46219, (data center MMR cage).

Indy Telecom Center - Henry Street

  • 701 W Henry Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225, (valve room OCEF, garage door OCEF).

OnLine Tech Data Center

  • 505 W Merrill Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225, (carrier MMR cage).

To initiate an interconnection Network-to-network interface (NNI) with IFN, contact an IFN Carrier Wholesale representative who will assign your request to an IFN project manager to guide you through the process.

The IFN Project Manager will email you a NNI Interconnection form which will gather the initial information about your company including provisioning and outside plant contact phone numbers and emails.  Conference calls with the appropriate contacts from both companies will be setup to determine:

    1. Which location will be preferred for the interconnection NNI.  During this call there will be a review of where physical facilities exist today, and monthly and non-recurring cross-connect charges for each potential interconnect location.
    2. Pending and expected usage will be discussed, along with a review of NNI connection costs and any other requirements.
    3. Based on the findings in the initial calls, the initial bandwidth for the interconnection NNI (1G/10G/100G), can be determined and what upgrades may be planned for the future.
    4. An interconnect agreement may be required to determine contractual usage of the NNI, assignment of CFA based on direction, and any other provisioning issues.
    5. Once location and logical connection arrangements are finalized, your outside plant person will be contacted to provide the physical connectivity details, and your provisioning contact will be asked to provide CFA at the selected interconnect location.  The testing of the NNI interface can then be scheduled.
    6. This entire process may take up to 60 days to complete.
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