Indiana Fiber Network Expands Subscription to iconectiv’s Common Language® Information Services


Common Language solutions help IFN strengthen its Carrier Wholesale service offering

Indianapolis, IN and Piscataway, NJ — April 19, 2016 — Indiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN), the leading Indiana statewide Network Service Provider, announced it has expanded its subscription to iconectiv’s Common Language Information Services to include CLCI™ – S/S Codes for circuit identification. IFN has already been using Common Language to identify locations using the CLONES global registry. Added to its current subscription, this new data will allow IFN to further streamline interconnection orders and billing and payment processes, while maintaining more accurate and detailed records for its customers and strengthening its Carrier Wholesale service offering.

“Our mission is to provide innovative, tailored technology solutions to our members, customers, and partners in the most effective, reliable, and economically sound method possible,” said Kelly Dyer, IFN president and CEO. “Subscribing to iconectiv’s Common Language Information Services enables IFN to be more responsive to Carrier Wholesale customer requirements for interconnection.”

iconectiv’s Common Language Information Services are the telecommunications industry’s standard data infrastructure for identifying network elements and have been used across the industry for more than 30 years. The suite of products includes CLLI™ Codes, CLFI™ Codes, CLCI™ Codes, NC/NCI™ Codes, CLEI™ Codes, General Codes, USOC™ Codes, and FID™ Codes, which are essential for identifying and defining locations, equipment, circuits, and other critical network components across a telecommunications network. Through iconectiv’s data information solutions, communications providers and telecom equipment manufacturers can overcome complex network management, asset management, and service activation challenges.

“IFN’s expansion of Common Language confirms its strong commitment to its Carrier Wholesale division. Common Language provides a unique combination of code sets, software tools, expertise, standards management, industry forum facilitation, and direction to achieve a level of data infrastructure management not possible in a single service provider,” said George Cray, Head of Information Solutions, iconectiv.

With iconectiv’s services and tools, IFN is positioned to better serve its customers and partners by communicating interconnection locations more effectively. In addition, IFN can adhere to the standards used across the telecom industry. This alignment will also reduce errors and streamline internal processes because locations and circuits will be consistently named and referenced across the entire network.

“Using Common Language, IFN’s point-of-interface (POI) can be communicated in a clear, unambiguous form in a language that is globally recognized when interconnecting between service providers. Registering our information and having access to the global registry ourselves, IFN will significantly reduce the cost and time associated with interconnections for our carrier customers,” Tom Bechtel, IFN Vice President of Network Planning and Operations, added.

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About Indiana Fiber Network, LLC

Indiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN) was formed in March of 2002. IFN’s ownership is comprised of 20 local exchange telephone companies throughout the state. IFN offers data center, Internet backbone, and data transport services over state–of–the–art Ethernet, CWDM, DWDM, and SONET fiber networks, with service in the state of Indiana and throughout the U.S. via a network of national carrier partners. Follow IFN on Twitter at For more information, please visit IFN’s website at or call (317) 280-4636.  IFN’s iconectiv creator code is IIW.

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