Indiana Fiber Network, LLC to attend INDATEL’s 10th Annual Summer Symposium in Kansas City

IFN CEO Kelly Dyer, will be attending INDATEL’s 10th Annual Summer Symposium in Kansas City, MO, June 12-15, 2016. The INDATEL’s Annual Summer Symposium provides an opportunity for industry professionals and carriers to address relevant topics of the day. This year’s agenda includes sessions that explore demands and challenges faced by carrier Ethernet providers.

“INDATEL is a strong, exhilarating alliance between 27 state fiber network providers. INDATEL serves an important role for the rural telecom industry to accomplish significant scope, scale and synergy to monetize and expand our networks,” said Dyer. IFN is an active member of INDATEL, and Dyer has served on the INDATEL Board of Directors since 2011.


INDATEL is a team of wholesale carriers dedicated to providing best-in-class, cost-effective transport connectivity via fiber-optic network routes in rural and metropolitan areas. Between our members, who are primarily made up of independent rural telecom service providers, we are able to deliver reliable bandwidth solutions in rural and underserved markets. INDATEL and its members are uniquely positioned to provide telecommunication connectivity to many places other providers cannot. To learn more about INDATEL, please visit

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