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Indiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN) Welcomes New President and CEO, James Turner

IN-Fiber-Network7-11-013Indiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN) is pleased to welcome James Turner (Jim) as new President and CEO. Jim has extensive experience leading companies that provide critical infrastructure services to the public.

At IFN, Jim is working on sharpening operational execution across the business to improve efficiency, enhance owner value, and advance customer satisfaction. Jim is also working to refine IFN’s business model to ensure the company has the right culture, strategic processes, and operating tools to thrive in an increasingly competitive space. “In the management team, we have been defining the strategy and future direction for IFN, and we will continue following the plans we have made. I look forward to continuing the successful development of IFN alongside the strong IFN team that we have here”, said Turner.

Jim embraces the community and civic leadership, having served in leadership roles on numerous civic and non-profit organizations. He received his law degree cum laude from the Indiana University School of Law in 1984 following completion of his Bachelor’s Degree from Ball State University in 1981. Jim also completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in 2001.

IFN Management Committee Provides Appreciation Plaque to Board Member Wayne Sparks

Wayne Sparks -Jim Turner

Wayne Sparks has served with distinction on the Management Committee of Indiana Fiber Network, LLC, since 2004 and has recently gone off the Management Committee as of June 27, 2017. Mr. Sparks displayed a strong commitment to IFN and its Member/Owners in addition to fulfilling his responsibilities as an employee of Daviess-Martin Rural Telephone Corporation. Mr. Sparks’ service on the Management Committee was characterized by integrity and thoughtfulness regarding the issues that came before the Committee. The Management Committee of Indiana Fiber Network, LLC, takes official recognition of Wayne Sparks’ long and devoted service and extends to him appreciation for his contributions to IFN and its Member/Owners.

(In photo) Jim Turner, IFN President and CEO presents the plaque to Wayne Sparks.

IFN Carrier Wholesale division to attend INCOMPAS in San Francisco, CA

IFN-157Cory Childs, Regional Sales Manager for IFN Wholesale division to attend INCOMPAS in San Francisco, CAOctober 15 – 17th.

Formerly known as COMPTEL, INCOMPAS is the leading trade association for competitive networks. INCOMPAS represents communications and technology companies large and small, advocating for laws and policies that promote competition, innovation and economic development.

Cory Childs, Regional Sales Manager for IFN Wholesale division will be attending the full INCOMPAS conference. If you are a Carrier Wholesale customer and interested in meeting with us at INCOMPAS, please let us know.

Find out more at

Parallax Systems Partners with Indiana Fiber Network, LLC to Enable Organizations via Fiber Optic Connectivity

Current IFN LogoIndiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN), the leading Indiana statewide Network Service Provider, announces that Parallax Systems, a division of Richmond Power and Light has selected IFN as one of its middle mile transport providers.  According to Jason Weatherly, IFN Enterprise Sales Manager, middle mile fiber is wholesale data transport, specifically targeted at Internet Service Providers, RPL-Parallax-Logo-blueTelecom companies, and cellular companies. “Our fiber transport service provides Parallax Systems and their customers with transport from their Richmond location to multiple communication providers. IFN’s service provider strategy is to provide carrier neutral access for our customers,” said Weatherly.

Because of the good understanding of mutual needs and capabilities, the affiliation with IFN produced “no surprises,” Rich Cody, Manager at Parallax Systems says. “We immediately knew we had partnered with a like-minded company. Our business is built on what is good for the customer.” As for performance, “IFN has exceeded and continues to exceed our expectations.”

But Cody says, “More important than the products we secured, is the relationship we have with IFN. We have often said that if the relationship with IFN had not been formed, Parallax Systems probably would not exist.”

Cody noted some of Parallax Systems’ accomplishments facilitated by using IFN:

  •  Since our inception in 2000, we have built well over 200 miles of fiber in Richmond. We serve both private and public sectors.
  • We have secured a seat at all economic site selector meetings, which has been instrumental in the success of landing new and retaining existing businesses.
  • We provide IFN with numerous “last mile” fiber connections and provide space in our NOC.

“Our partnership with Parallax Systems is a good example on how IFN provides client Customer Provided Access to carriers and communication providers. Since IFN has interconnections with all the leading carriers, this provides significant cost savings for the customer,” said August Zehner, IFN Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Customer Provided Access allows the customer to decide which provider will deliver carrier services to their location.”

About Parallax Systems

Parallax Systems is a division of Richmond Power and Light in Richmond, Indiana. Parallax has a fiber backbone reaching over 200 miles in Richmond service area. We have created a multi-faceted delivery system. Parallax offers Fiber optic, Broadband Wireless, Broadband DSL, VoIP, and Data Backup services. Providing dark-fiber leasing options that has proven beneficial to public and private sectors alike. Richmond Power and Light has served east central Indiana’s Wayne County for over 100 years. From the Ohio state line west through Spring Grove and Richmond and centered on highway US 40, the area covers industrial, commercial, residential and rural areas. For more information, please visit Parallax’s website at or call (888)-962-3770.

About IFN

Indiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN) was formed in March of 2002, whose ownership is comprised by 20 local exchange telephone companies throughout the state. They offer data center, Internet backbone, and data transport services over state-of-the-art Ethernet, CWDM, DWDM, and SONET fiber networks, with service in the State of Indiana and throughout the US via a network of national carrier partners. For more information, please visit IFN’s website at or call (317) 280-4636.

Indiana Fiber Network, LLC to attend the Indiana Economic Development (IEDA) 2017 Site Consultant Event

IFN-188Indiana Fiber Network’s Director of Business Development, Rob Ramsey, will be attending the IEDA 2017 Site Consultant Event on August 16-18th at the French Lick Springs Hotel, in French Lick, IN.

About IEDA

The Indiana Economic Development Association, Inc. was formed in 1968 by 16 professional industrial developers to provide continuity to a statewide community development effort. IEDA was incorporated in 1982 as a statewide not-for-profit economic development organization. With each year, IEDA has extended its educational programs and has become more actively engaged in influencing legislation and policies.

Made up of economic developers, utilities, attorneys, consultants, financial institutions, higher education professionals, engineers, architects and construction professionals, our IEDAmembers are passionately dedicated to attracting and retaining jobs for the great people of Indiana.

Indiana Fiber Network, LLC to Attend The Indiana Rural Health Association’s (IRHA) Leadership Seminar

Inirha-logodiana Fiber Network, LLC will be attending IRHA’s Leadership Seminar on August 24, 2017 at The Palms, in Plainfield, IN.

About Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA)

IRHA is a not-for-profit corporation developed for the purpose of improving the health of all Indiana citizens in rural settings through leadership, education, advocacy, collaboration, and resource development. One of the programs that we administrate is the Indiana Telehealth Network (ITN), which currently has 72 participants around the state, including 24 Critical Access Hospitals, 4 rural hospitals, 5 urban partner hospitals, 5 Rural Health Clinics, 7 Federally Qualified Health Centers, and 27 Community Mental Health Centers.

The mission of the ITN is to improve the health and well-being of Indiana residents through the utilization of a dedicated broadband health network to deliver telehealth applications including, but not limited to, telemedicine, health information exchange, distance education and training, public health surveillance, emergency preparedness and trauma system development. More information on the ITN can be found on the IRHA website at under Programs/Indiana Telehealth Network.


IFN maintains point of presences (PoPs) for carrier interconnection (NNI) at the following locations:

Chicago Data Center – Cermak

  • 350 East Cermak Road 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60616, (5th flr Equinix IFN cage/2nd flr Equinix MMR).

Lifeline Data Center - Henry Street

  • 733 W Henry Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225, (basement panel/1st flr MMR/2nd flr IFN cage).

Lifeline Data Center - Eastgate

  • 401 N Shadeland Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46219, (data center MMR cage).

Indy Telecom Center - Henry Street

  • 701 W Henry Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225, (valve room OCEF, garage door OCEF).

OnLine Tech Data Center

  • 505 W Merrill Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225, (carrier MMR cage).

To initiate an interconnection Network-to-network interface (NNI) with IFN, contact an IFN Carrier Wholesale representative who will assign your request to an IFN project manager to guide you through the process.

The IFN Project Manager will email you a NNI Interconnection form which will gather the initial information about your company including provisioning and outside plant contact phone numbers and emails.  Conference calls with the appropriate contacts from both companies will be setup to determine:

    1. Which location will be preferred for the interconnection NNI.  During this call there will be a review of where physical facilities exist today, and monthly and non-recurring cross-connect charges for each potential interconnect location.
    2. Pending and expected usage will be discussed, along with a review of NNI connection costs and any other requirements.
    3. Based on the findings in the initial calls, the initial bandwidth for the interconnection NNI (1G/10G/100G), can be determined and what upgrades may be planned for the future.
    4. An interconnect agreement may be required to determine contractual usage of the NNI, assignment of CFA based on direction, and any other provisioning issues.
    5. Once location and logical connection arrangements are finalized, your outside plant person will be contacted to provide the physical connectivity details, and your provisioning contact will be asked to provide CFA at the selected interconnect location.  The testing of the NNI interface can then be scheduled.
    6. This entire process may take up to 60 days to complete.

Indiana Fiber Network, LLC to attend INDATEL’s 11th Annual Summer Symposium in Kansas City

IFN-112IFN Vice President of Sales & Marketing August Zehner, will be attending INDATEL’s 11th Annual Summer Symposium in Kansas City, MO, June 18-21, 2017. The INDATEL’s Annual Summer Symposium provides an opportunity for industry professionals and carriers to address relevant topics of the day. This year’s agenda includes sessions that explore demands and challenges faced by carrier Ethernet providers.

“INDATEL serves an important role for the rural telecom industry to accomplish significant scope, scale and synergy to monetize and expand our networks,” said Zehner. IFN is an active member of INDATEL.


INDATEL is a team of wholesale carriers dedicated to providing best-in-class, cost-effective transport connectivity via fiber-optic network routes in rural and metropolitan areas. Between our members, who are primarily made up of independent rural telecom service providers, we are able to deliver reliable bandwidth solutions in rural and underserved markets. INDATEL and its members are uniquely positioned to provide telecommunication connectivity to many places other providers cannot. To learn more about INDATEL, please visit


Indiana Fiber Network, LLC Announces Business Improvement Initiative

IFNLOGOIndiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN), the leading Indiana statewide Network Service Provider announces a business improvement initiative.  The primary drivers for the initiative are to increase user and customer satisfaction and operational scale on the business processes. “This business improvement initiative includes the entire service lifecycle, beginning with the identification of customer needs and IT requirements, through to the design and implementation of the service into operation,” said Keith Jones, IFN Service Transition Manager.

This initiative will help streamline and standardize IFN’s service management processes across the company so that all clients can expect the same high level of proactive service with more mature processes and capabilities. “The improved business process will increase staff awareness of service management, improve service availability and resource utilization, and enable IFN to realize operational and financial efficiencies,” said Ralph Cunha, IFN Chief Financial Officer.

According to Tom Bechtel, IFN Vice President of Network Planning, IFN will use a best practice framework for service management delivery called Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). “ITIL is an industry standard that provides guidelines for how to deliver services more efficiently by improving management processes across business units,” said Bechtel. Another benefit of the process improvement initiative will help delineate incident and problem-management functions within the operations.  “It is a noteworthy effort in IFN’s ongoing customer strategy to construct a statewide footprint to support the growing broadband needs of our clients,” said August Zehner IFN Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Darryl Smith, VP of Network Operations, states:  “We needed to be able to work smarter, not harder as IFN continues to expand fiber service throughout the State of Indiana. Lots of focus has been placed on the service operation area of our business. We are committed to meeting the expanding service assurance requirements of our customers; maintaining their service quality levels is a key focus.” Based on this business improvement initiative, IFN is pleased to announce the promotion of Darryl Smith to Vice President of Operations.  Smith joined IFN in 2011 as Manager of Transport and Switching, then promoted to Director of Network Operations in 2014.  Smith will continue to advance IFN’s expanding Customer Service Assurance operations. “Implementation of the ITIL best practice framework is not an overnight success story, but takes lots of time and commitment to manage the change in the organization in a phased approach,” said Smith.

“In response to the company’s growth and as a result of the increasingly competitive market that we operate in, IFN identified the need to improve our processes with the end-result goal of improving the quality of our customer service,” said Kelly Dyer, IFN President and CEO.

About IFN

Indiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN) was formed in March of 2002, whose ownership is comprised by 20 local exchange telephone companies throughout the state. They offer data center, Internet backbone, and data transport services over state-of-the-art Ethernet, CWDM, DWDM, and SONET fiber networks, with service in the State of Indiana and throughout the US via a network of national carrier partners.  For more information, please visit IFN’s website at or call (317) 280-4636.

Tele-Media Solutions Expands Internet Bandwidth Service via Indiana Fiber Network

Tele-MediaIndianapolis, IN —April 21, 2017: Indiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN), the leading Indiana statewide Network Service Provider, announces a significant bandwidth upgrade infrastructure service to Tele-Media Solutions. IFN is delivering Multi-Gigabit data rates as an upstream internet provider to Tele-Media Solutions. One of IFN’s consortium member-owners, Tele-Media Solution’s protect transport with 3GB Dual Access Internet access is now available in their service areas.

“This expansion is part of Tele-Media’s strategy to improve our service offering, enabling our internet service to deliver the higher speeds our customers demand. The service is designed to be fully redundant and geographically diverse, and puts us in a position to more than adequately feed our new fiber to the home project slated to begin next year,” said Mike Harian, Tele-Media Solutions’ General Manager.

According to August Zehner, IFN Vice President of Sales and Marketing, today, consumers enjoy a dazzling array of communications choices. “Tele-Media Solutions’ customers will directly benefit with more robust internet service and reliability from this infrastructure upgrade. It is great to see the proactive planning and implementation that occurred on this project,” said Zehner.

Enabling Tele-Media Solutions as a member/owner is why IFN was initially formed. “IFN’s mission is to provide innovative, tailored technology solutions to our Members and customers/partners in the most effective, reliable and economically sound method possible,” said Kelly Dyer, IFN President and CEO.

About Tele-Media Solutions

Tele-Media Solutions is one of 8 telephone cooperatives and 35 independent telephone companies in Indiana. This Cooperative serves members in portions of Clark, Floyd, Scott and Washington Counties encompassing an exchange area of 120 square miles. Tele-Media Solutions offers High-Speed Internet and voice services. For more information, please visit Tele-Media’s website at or call 812-967-3171.

About Indiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN)

IFN was formed in March of 2002. IFN’s ownership is comprised of 20 local exchange telephone companies throughout the state. IFN offers data center, Internet backbone and data transport services over state–of–the–art Ethernet, CWDM, DWDM and SONET fiber networks, with service in the state of Indiana and throughout the US via a network of national carrier partners. Follow IFN on Twitter at For more information, please visit IFN’s website at or call (317) 280-4636.