National Fiber Map – INDATEL

INDATEL IS A Nationwide Network that Provides Superior Fiber Connectivity to Rural and Urban America

Rural Ethernet eXchange (REX) capabilities provide carrier’s access to our growing list of Ethernet service providers, including our Members and Affiliates.  INDATEL has 28 members nationally, who represent 500 Rural Local Exchange Carriers with over 70,000 fiber optic route miles across America and serve over 5,000 communities. This year, INDATEL celebrates its 10th year as a national telecommunications service organization.

IFN is a member of INDATEL

Our members excel in delivering reliable broadband connectivity via fiber optic network routes throughout rural and metro communities across America. INDATEL is uniquely positioned to provide telecommunications services to many places other carriers cannot.

We represent:

  • Aggregation POPs in Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas and Denver
  • More than 500 Rural Local Exchange Carriers
  • 90,000 fiber optic route miles of middle-mile network
  • Over 5,000 communities served
  • 40,000 + on-net and near-net buildings

INDATEL Network Map