CDN Peering Options via INDATEL

INDATEL’s CDN Peering brings the best content delivery networks closer, enhancing the end-user experience and satisfaction.  

North American IP traffic is expected to double from 2013 to 2018, a compound annual growth rate of 20 percent. At the heart of that growth is Internet video and other popular content stored in the cloud.

INDATEL is an ever-growing group of wholesale carriers dedicated to providing best-in-class, cost-effective transport connectivity via fiber optic routes in underserved rural and metropolitan markets. Our CDN Peering Aggregation POPs at Chicago and Dallas, with extensions to POPs in Minneapolis and Denver, are peered with the major CDN Providers such as GoogleSM, AkamaiSM, LimelightSM, FacebookSM, Netflix®, and the EquinixSM Internet Business eXchange (IBX) in both Chicago and Dallas. The Equinix IBX provides access to many other CDN Providers such as Amazon®, MicrosoftSM, Edgecast®, etc.

  • You can avoid Internet traffic jams and lower the cost of delivery with CDN Peering, available from INDATEL, the ’network of networks’.

INDATEL’s ‘network of networks’ is comprised of broadband fiber optic middle-mile and last-mile facilities, deployed by its members and affiliates, including 80,000 miles of backbone network, 850 POPs and Tier 1 city POPs with access to leading-edge service provider solutions. INDATEL aggregates the demand from its members — and an estimated three million users — to make delivery of content by CDN providers cost-effective.

The INDATEL CDN Peering Configuration



INDATEL CDN Peering and Transit IP/Internet solutions reduce the number of network elements and “hops” across the Internet.


      • Position your company to provide industry-leading quality of service (e.g. high availability and low latency) at very compelling rates.
      • Reduce ongoing costs for Transit Internet Services as a result of the CDN traffic offload.
      • Reduce exposure to distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.
      • Improve customer experience (reduced latency) for access to content via the Internet, including Internet Video (i.e. Neflix and others) and CDN peered content of all types.