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IFN Fiber Map 2012

If access to your customers is what drives your revenue, then you should consider reducing the cost of that access.


 Indiana Fiber Network

  • 4,100 route miles of fiber in Indiana

  • Cost effective, reliable transport

  • Carrier grade Ethernet services

IFN has in excess of 4,100 route miles of single-mode fiber, connecting in excess of 4,000 buildings in Indiana.  Additionally, IFN provides connectivity to all Indiana carrier hotels and Cermak.  IFN’s carrier-grade transport will expand your market reach and enable access to your customers throughout Indiana.  Providing secure, reliable, and cost-effective transport services is what makes IFN the preferred fiber network provider in Indiana.


Benefit by connecting to your customers using IFN’s Fiber Transport Service:


Ethernet Simplicity: IFN delivers fiber transport service via Ethernet technology.

Standards-Based: IFN follows the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards.

Cost-Effectiveness:  IFN delivers high-speed Ethernet connectivity at noticeable cost savings compared with traditional communication providers.




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